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High efficiency solid fuel stoves in Newcastle upon Tyne

"Miracles we do at once, the impossible may take a few weeks"


At Universal Fires & Stoves, we have a stunning selection of solid fuel, gas and electric stoves at our specialist showroom in Newcastle. We only stock stoves we'd have in our own homes, which is why we sell big name brands including ACR, Ekol, Stovax, Henley and Cast Tec. Check out some of our stoves below or get in touch to arrange a free home survey.



  • Large cast iron stove in a traditional style

  • Nominal 5Kw heat output (3.5kW min/7.5kW max) 

  • Multi-fuel & Defra-exempt, SIA EcoDesign ready

  • Matt black finish, also available in cream or gloss black enamel.  10 year warranties on stove castings


Clarity Vision

  • Contemporary style stove, made slim at the back to give a larger viewing window to display the burning fuel

  • Nominal 5KW heat output (2KW Min/7KW Max)

  • Wood-Burning but multi-fuel grate option, Defra-exempt, SIA EcoDesign ready, clearSkies 5

  • Various Door Colours (other than Matt Black) available

  • 5 Year Warranty on Stove Castings


Chesterfield 5 Wide

  • Slimmer than the standard Chesterfield 5 to give a taller and wider format of stove, to display a greater viewer experience while keeping within the "No Air Vent" required fitting regulation

  • Nominal 5KW heat output (2.5KW Min/7KW Max)

  • Available in wood burning and multi-fuel options

  • Defra-Exempt, multi-fuel option is SIA EcoDesign ReadyOptional Direct Air Kit available

  • 5 year extended warranty on stove castings