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portway luxima contemporary gas stove vermiculite

Gas stoves in Newcastle upon Tyne

"Miracles we do at once, the impossible may take a few weeks"


Gas stoves are a great way to heat your home and enjoy all the ambience of an open fire. At Universal Fires & Stoves, we have a fantastic selection of inset and on wall models available at our showroom in Newcastle and we'll even come and carry out a home survey for free! Get in touch to find out more.

Chesterfield 5 Gas stove.jpg


Chesterfield 5

  • A brand new product to the Gazco range, live at our showroom fir display! Elegant and clean lined gas stove, giving a unique style to any room.  Built to the same quality of the solid fuel version of the product

  • Up to 4KW heat output

  • 76% Efficiency as conventional flue, 90.6% efficiency as balanced flue

  • Available as both natural gas and LPG

  • Fully-sequential thermostatic remote control

  • 5 year extended warranty

portway luxima stove



  • Simple yet stylish, the Luxima is one of the newer products to the Portway brand

  • Up to 4.2KW heat output with conventional flue models

  • Up to 73% efficiency

  • Only available as natural gas

  • Optional vermiculite interior lining available, black enamel interior as standard

  • Fully automatic remote control handset as standard

  • 10 year conditional warranty

Gasco Yeoman

Gazco CL5 Gas Stove

  • Subtly simple design with curving lines make the CL gas stoves from Yeoman Gazco a great range for a contemporary option.  Available in 3 sizes, the CL5 being the middle of the range

  • Up to 3.8KW heat output

  • Up to 95.4% efficient (on balanced flue models)

  • Available as both natural gas and LPG

  • Manual control option as standard with option to upgrade to remote

  • 5 year extended warranty

Gasco Studio 2 Free-standing.jpg

Studio 2 free-standing

  • A Stylish Free-Standing version of the popular In-Wall Studio Range, that may wish to be sat upon one of Gazco/Stovax's own brand of Benches!

  • Up to 6.3KW heat output (conventional flue), up to 7.0KW heat output (balanced flue)

  • Up to 77% efficiency on conv. flue models, up to 88% efficiency on bal. flue models

  • Available with various fuels; Log, Driftwood or Pebble and Stone

  • Available with various interior linings; EchoFlame Black Glass, Vermiculite or Black Reeded

  • Programmable thermostatic remote as standard

  • 5 year extended warranty

Gasco Loft.jpg

Gazco Loft Gas Stove

  • A modern and tall gas stove with reflective black glass creating a striking two-tone effect to the stove's matt black body

  • Up to 4.8KW heat output

  • Up to 94.3% efficiency (on balanced flue models)

  • Programmable thermostatic remote as standard

  • 5 year extended warranty

Get a great deal on gas stoves at Universal in Newcastle

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