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Solid Fuel Insert Oxford Hexham

Solid fuel cast inserts, for cosy nights in

"Miracles we do at once, the impossible may take a few weeks"


What better way to enjoy your home in Newcastle then to be settled around your stunning fireplace and solid fuel fire. Create a space you can enjoy with the help of Universal Fires & Stoves. Our gorgeous solid fuel cast inserts draw on the traditional open fire whilst offering a modern twist. The highly efficient products in our range are available in various styles, colours and finishes for you to choose from. Make your selection today.


Cast Tec

Majestic Integra

  • Available with plain arched cast iron inserts in a range of finishes

  • Your choice of mantelpiece in colours such as Italian Carrara, honed Black Granite, Turkish Limestone or Solid Oak.

  • Nominal 5kw heat output

  • Up to 79.9% efficient

  • SIA EcoDesign 2022 ready

Oxford - Hexham

Cast Tec

Oxford Integra

  • Decorative tile insert in a range of styles and designs to meet your needs

  • Various mantel types, including the Hexham, in your choice of colours and finishes; Polar White, Turkish Limestone, Roman Stone Micro-Marble, Slate Stone 

  • Nominal 5kw heat output 

  • 79.9% efficient 

  • SIA EcoDesign 2022 ready

To learn more about any of the products highlighted above, contact Universal Fires & Stoves today.

BASSINGTON MF White Skirted Leg
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