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Finlay Fuels – Home Heating Oil Supplier in Northern Ireland

Finlay Fuels have supplied heating oil to homes in Northern Ireland for generations. We have built a fantastic reputation for an efficient and effective service and for delivering heating oil at the most competitive prices.

Finlay Fuels would like to thank our friends at Universal Fires & Stoves for inviting us onto their website.

Home Heating Oil Deliveries in Northern Ireland

A number of years ago, Finlay Fuels made the conscious decision to specialise in 28 sec kerosene heating oil. As a result we are now one of the biggest distributors and suppliers of home heating oil in Northern Ireland. We deal in huge volumes of home heating oil and negotiate the best possible prices from our suppliers. The savings we make are passed on to our customers on a daily basis.

Cost Effective Heating Oil Delivery in Northern Ireland

Finlay Fuels are driven by a desire to keep our prices to a minimum. We achieve this in three main ways:

  • We are a bulk buyer and secure the best prices from our suppliers
  • Finlay Fuels have no storage costs. We deliver directly to our customers from oil terminals across Northern Ireland.
  • Finlay Fuels use the latest technology to maximise delivery efficiency and to drive down heating oil prices.

On-Line Ordering and Scheduled Deliveries

Finlay Fuels work closely with customers to ensure they never run out of home heating oil. We offer a reminder service to customers when they are running low on fuel and we also have a ‘top up’ option, delivering to customers whenever we are in the area. Finlay Fuels’ top up service maximises efficiency, reduces our carbon footprint and cuts the cost of delivery.

Finlay Fuels offers on-line ordering with a window of delivery dates, allowing us to group customers according to location. Ordering 28 sec kerosene heating oil on-line is simple and full information on how to use this option is available on our website.

Guaranteed Home Heating Oil Delivery

All of our tankers are fitted with the latest electronic meters. These meters record the time, date and quantity of oil delivered to our customers, guaranteeing they receive 100% of the oil they have ordered, every time. On-board computer systems and tracking devices mean that we know where our delivery vehicles are at every moment of the day. This allows us to maintain maximum efficiency for supply and delivery at all times.

Finlay Fuels do our very best to ensure our customers never run out of fuel and schedule regular deliveries to all areas of Northern Ireland. We also offer emergency fuel delivery and if, for whatever reason, you have run out of fuel we can be contacted on 028 9752 8332.

Bottle Gas and Solid Fuel Delivery in Northern Ireland

Finlay Fuels are able to supply and deliver bottled gas and solid fuels. We are an authorised Flo Gas dealer and cylinders can be ordered on-line or purchased directly from our depot.

Boiler Servicing & Boiler Maintenance

In an effort to ensure our customers operate the most fuel efficient heating systems, Finlay Fuels provide boiler servicing and boiler maintenance. An efficient boiler reaches cut out temperatures quickly, saving on fuel and prolonging the life of the boiler. Our engineers can correct burner tripping problems and power flush heating systems.

Further Information / Contact Us

Finlay Fuels is locally owned with strong roots in the community of Northern Ireland. We continually strive to deliver heating oil, bottled gas and solid fuel to our customers at the best possible prices.

Further information, including a selection of testimonials, is available on our website at www.finlayfuels.com.

Finlay Fuels
Jayar House
170 Moneyrea Road
County Down
BT23 6BH

Tel 028 9752 8332

Fax 028 9752 1416

E-mail: admin@finlayfuels.co.uk

Website: www.finlayfuels.com

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